NovogDr. Dave R. Novog, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Physics (Nuclear Engineering).

Dr. Novog's research focuses on nuclear power plant safety. Historically, Nuclear Safety Analysis has been performed using a large number of conservative simplifying assumptions in order to overcome limitations in computer codes. With the advent of more realistic computational tools and detailed plant modeling, best estimate predications of plant response are now possible. However, the accuracy of the tools and models becomes increasingly important since operating safety limits will be defined based on the data they produce. A key focal area of research is in understanding the complexity and uncertainties in these predictions for existing reactor designs as well as next generation (GEN IV) reactor technologies. This is facilitated by a combination of analytical, experimental and statistical analyses performed in the areas of thermal hydraulics and reactor physics. In the event of a hypothetical and extremely unlikely event involving the reactor core damage, Dr. Novog's research aims to understand and predict the risks and consequences f these postulated severe accidents.