Last night a courier vehicle car transporting F-18 produced at the MUCF had a tire blow out.  The blowout caused the vehicle to bump the guardrail which resulted in minor vehicle damage but no F-18 package damage. Another vehicle was dispatched and the shipment has since been received by the consignee without further incident.

Technical Experts from the CNSC conducted a Type II Inspection at the facility on November 14/15, 2018. The CNSC will summarize the results of the Inspection in a formal report and provide it to the University in the next few weeks.

McMaster University has applied to the CNSC for a license to use, ship and store the radio isotope Zirconium 89.  Zr-89 is a short lived positron emitting isotope used for the diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.


On Tuesday July 31, 2018, McMaster University was informed that the outer container of a package containing medical isotopes used to treat prostate cancer was found to be damaged upon arrival at the Lufthansa warehouse at Pearson Airport in Toronto, ON. The medical isotope was securely and safely packaged within 5 separate layers of containment; the final one being the shipping box which was noted to be damaged.

McMaster staff responded to the warehouse, inspected and performed radiological surveys of the package.  We determined that there was no safety impact associated with the incident. The package was repackaged and is currently in transit to the customer.

There was no release of radiation from this shipment and no threat to the public, environment or safety as a result of this incident.


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