MNR has a number of in-core sites available for neutron irradiation of samples. The sites have a range of physical capacities and neutron flux characteristics to accommodate many applications. All sites have thermal and epithermal capability. Irradiation times can vary from a few seconds using the pneumatic sample transfer system to months in the in-core sites.

 Site   Size (mm)  Number of Sites   Flux(n/cm2s) 
 Capsules  75x18  8  0.5-4x1013
 RIFLS  750x55  2  5x1012
 LVR  750x120  1  3x1011
 Rabbits  55x15  5  3x1012


(Size = length x diameter; Flux for operation at 2 MW)

Contact the Manager of Reactor Operations, Robert Pasuta, for availability and charges.