MNR is a versatile radioisotope production facility that is capable of producing a wide range of radioisotopes not listed on the previous pages. These include, but are not limited to,

Isotope Half-Life
P-32 14.3d
Sc-46 83.8d
Rb-86 18.6d
La-140 40.3h
Sm-153 46.3h
Eu-152/4 13.5y/8.6y
Gd-153 240.4d
Gd-159 18.5h
Re-188 17.0h
Ir-192/4 73.8d/ 19.3h
Yb-169 32.0d
Sb-124 60.2d
Nd-147 11.0d
Pr-142 19.1h
Br-82 35.3h


To enquire about the availability of these or other radioisotopes, please contact us.