MNR offers these cost effective radioisotopes for applications requiring less rigorous quality standards. Each radioisotope is prepared from a high purity target and shipped directly to the customer as a solid source.

Isotope Production Route Half-Life Specific Activity Chemical Form
Sodium-24 23Na(n,γ)24Na 15h > 1 mCi/mg Sodium Carbonate
Potassium-42 41K(n,γ)42K 12.4h > 0.1 mCi/mg Potassium Carbonate
Chromium-51 natCr(n,γ)51Cr 27.7d > 0.25 mCi/mg TBD
Copper-64 natCu(n,γ)64Cu 12.7d > 3 mCi/mg CuCl2
Selenium-75 natSe(n,γ)75Se 120d >25 μCi/mg SeO2
Arsenic-76 75As(n,γ)76As 26.4h > 3 mCi/mg As2O3
Yttrium-90 89Y(n,γ)90Y 26.4h > 1 mCi/mg Y2O3
Holmium-166 165Ho(n,γ)166Ho 26h > 20 mCi/mg Ho2O3
Gold-198 natAu(n,γ)198Au 2.7d > 20 mCi/mg Au(s)

For further information on our technical grade isotopes please contact us.