Dr. DayDr. Simon E. Day, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Physics; Reactor Supervisor (Analysis), McMaster Nuclear Reactor (Nuclear Engineering)

Dr. Day’s research interests typically involve combining experimental and computational/simulation aspects of nuclear reactor analysis. Current areas of activity include safety analysis methodology development, code benchmarking against experimental data, positron beam-line design and optimization, and various aspects of reactor operations and research. Nuclear reactor safety analysis focuses in particular on safety limit determination for MTR-type research reactors based on experimental data; this work also has applications in computer simulation software development and application (MTR = Materials Test Reactor). Research involving reactor analysis and operation ties simulation methods to experimental data, providing validation, verification and justification of analysis tools and methods. This work is centered at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, providing the opportunity for hands-on experimentation and experience with a nuclear reactor and associated work areas. A collaborative project with both the Department of Engineering Physics and the McMaster Accelerator Laboratory focuses on the Reactor Analysis associated with a new positron beam-line at MNR, one of four such facilities worldwide with the latest generation of technology.